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We believe todays consumers, market forces, and government regulations will eventually prohibit the use of antibiotics in livestock agriculture.

We believe there are proven, reliable, and dependable alternatives to antibiotics that, when used appropriately, increase profitability, increase animal welfare, and increase quality of life of people responsible for their care.  


We believe that those livestock producers who embrace this change and boldly move toward non-pharmaceutical solutions for their livestock health concerns will dominate the livestock industry in the next decade.


We believe only those who have decades of experience raising livestock without antibiotics can lead the industry through this transition.


We believe these non-pharmaceutical solutions are practical, affordable, and effective.


We believe that pharmaceuticals are truly unneccesary in the production of healthy and sustainable livestock production.

Todd Churchill was one of many who pioneered grassfed beef production at scale over the past decade. In this deeply compelling yet light-hearted interview Todd addresses the possibilities of sustainable meat production systems. 

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