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Pharmaceuticals are a widely used "tool" in production livestock agriculture today.  However, market and regulatory forces are limiting the use of these drugs.
Would you like to learn how to reduce or eliminate your NEED for pharmaceutical products in (or on) your livestock?
Would you like to participate in the premium "drug-free" natural livestock markets?
We are experts at teaching livestock owners and managers how to eliminate their NEED for pharmaceuticals in livestock production.
As the Founder of Practical Livestock Solutions, I am incredibly passionate about teaching others how to reduce or even eliminate the NEED for pharmaceutical products in livestock production.  


This important and life-affirming work builds on my decade of experience as the Founder of Thousand Hills Cattle Company, a pioneer in the grass-fed beef industry.  In the course of creating Thousand Hills, I was privileged to work closely with some of the best and brightest people in sustainable livestock production systems, and I've assembled a team with nearly 100 years of combined experience in solving livestock health challenges naturally .  We provide both a  holistic livestock health protocol, and the information and knowledge to implement it, regardless of size, scale, or current production practices.  in addition to this experience and knowledge about how to raise livestock naturally, we offer access to proven, reliable, and dependable non-pharmaceutical solutions for livestock health problems.


Your first point of contact will be Paul and/or Sara Freid.  They will walk you through the pre-consultation process, determine which one of us can best address your particular concerns, and schedule the initial phone consultation.  Paul and Sara, who have been using our holistic livestock protocol for several years on their own farm, are well equipped to answer your initial questions about the consulting process, costs, and deliverables.


We look forward to working with you!


Todd Churchill, Founder

Practical Livestock Solutions

**Note:  We are not practicing veterinarians, and don't diagnose or treat any specific animal disease symptoms.  We are not the solution for emergency health problems in livestock.  If you are dealing with an animal health crisis, we recommend you contact your local veterinarian, who is the best person to address any urgent animal health problems.

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